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High Functing Autism

People with high-functioning autism or Asperger's syndrome do not have the delayed language development that's typically found in people with autism. In addition, people with high-functioning autism have average or above average intelligence. However, they may show other behaviors and signs similar to what's seen with other types of autism: delay in motor skills lack of skill in interacting with others little understanding of the abstract uses of language, such as humor or give-and-take in a conversation obsessive interest in specific items or information strong reactions to textures, smells, sounds, sights, or other stimuli that others might not even notice, such as a flickering light Unlike people with other forms of autism, people with high-functioning autism or Asperger's syndrome want to be involved with others. They simply don't know how to go about it. They may not be able to understand others' emotions. They may not read facial expressions or body language well. As a result, they may be teased and often feel like social outcasts. The unwanted social isolation can lead to anxiety and depression.

Devils Tower

Devils Tower
Coleman and Carter

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

compound word

I said "Carter, How do you spell Apple Juice?" He tried to sound it out a-p-l and then looked at me and said "well, that's a compound word"
He is only in Kindergarten

this is not my house

Carter walks in the house today, takes a big wiff and says "this is not my house. It smells different."
David put in a new wood floor while we were gone but Carter did not see the floor just smelled a difference.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I see some cavities

My nieces are in town for their spring break. Sadie was in the car with me taking the boys to swimming lessons. She had a red ringpop and her teeth and mouth were bright red. She smiled to let the boys see her red teeth and Carter said "I see some cavities." He is crazy

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Carter, Carter, Carter

Carter has been driving everyone crazy repeating things like,"mom, Im thirsty, mom Im so thirsty. Im hunry for real, mom Im so hungry." He has been getting in trouble at school for saying his teachers name 100 times.
So I said "Carter, what would you do if I said Carter, Carter, carter." he said "Id give you a snack"


Carter said to me at 6:00 this morning " Its fog outside so we need a GPS and two lights on the car so we can get to school." I laughed and told him school was 2 sec away. So he said "mom this is serious, its fog, for real."

a no snow day

Carter- what day is it?
Carter-Why am I home then?
Me -Its a snow day
Carter-theres no snow outside, are you just kidding mom?
Well, he was right, there was no snow on the ground at all. They called school off because it could have been serious.

tooth fairy

Carter said, "How will the tooth Fairy know I lost my tooth? I said that its kinda like Santa knows where we live and knows who's naughty or nice. So Carter replies, "Does the tooth fairy have a list? cuz I have lotts of stickers and only one tooth"

that man

Carter whispers to me "there's a man in the house who said I can't play tanks on the computer." I ask" What man Carter? because he has scared me. Carter says "that man dad"

human body

It was Dr, Seuss' birthday and so the school had dress as your favorite book character day. Carter wanted to dress like his favorite book Character from "See inside your body" complete with lungs, heart, small intestines, spleen, and more. I love this child. I was trying to explain a character and he said "mom, I want to be a human"

Up, Up, Up and to the Left

We went to Mt. Rushmore this summer and the boys loved it. When we got back we looked at maps and talked about how we got there and what states we had to go through. On T.L. Rodes (our elementary school) open house we went to meet Carter's teacher.He asked her "where are you from?" Mrs Saucier said "I'm from Haughton". Carter looked at her and says "Well, I'm from Louisiana, and if you go up, up, up, and to the left you can see Mt. Rushmore too."

Dragons and Kings

We go to church every Wednesday night to something called Awana.The kids listen to a bible story and learn a verse every week and get rewarded for it. So Carter says on the way to AWANA "does a bear have a heart?" I said "yes" .Then Coleman asks "does a dragon have a heart?" Carter says "CoCo a dragon is pretend, if we had dragons we'd have to slay them and if we had to slay dragons we would have to answer to a king"
All of this from a six year old.


I told Carter this morning to put his khakis on and then I picked up his shirt to put on him. He said "is khakis another word for shirt in Spanish?" oh to be in Carters head...

It hurts my heart

the boys have not been obeying the first time they are asked to do things. They have been sneaking doing things they know are wrong, like going outside when they didn't ask permission or peeing on the carpet in the playroom. So, I said to them "when you sin it hurts my heart, does it hurt your heart?" Carter shook his head yes and looked sad."Yes, mommy it does." ColeMan says, "it hurts my heart to throw up" and then grins really big