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High Functing Autism

People with high-functioning autism or Asperger's syndrome do not have the delayed language development that's typically found in people with autism. In addition, people with high-functioning autism have average or above average intelligence. However, they may show other behaviors and signs similar to what's seen with other types of autism: delay in motor skills lack of skill in interacting with others little understanding of the abstract uses of language, such as humor or give-and-take in a conversation obsessive interest in specific items or information strong reactions to textures, smells, sounds, sights, or other stimuli that others might not even notice, such as a flickering light Unlike people with other forms of autism, people with high-functioning autism or Asperger's syndrome want to be involved with others. They simply don't know how to go about it. They may not be able to understand others' emotions. They may not read facial expressions or body language well. As a result, they may be teased and often feel like social outcasts. The unwanted social isolation can lead to anxiety and depression.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

wild things with Max

I have started Carter and Coleman on a new product called Max. I started it a week ago and I am trying to notice the differences in the boy. Carter has been a lot more hyperthe past 2-3 days anyway, We were at Pepes yesterday and Carter could not sit still and he looked at me and asked "Do i look wild? cuz I feeeeel wild." great.

the humans

Me and my great friend Tiffany were inside trying to sign up on The Max product and David was out side with Carter, Coleman and Kaegan. David was raking leaves and the three boys were on the swing. Carter was swinging by his self but the younger two were whining to get us to push them when David overheard this...Carter told Kaegan, "If you learn how to swing by yourself, back and forth like this, the humans don't have to push you anymore."

Friday, January 14, 2011


Everyday after school I ask the boys what they did do that day, who did they play with? what was different? what therapy did you get to do today? Carter told me he went to speech therapy today and they talked about eyes. "Eyes?"I said What did he learn about eyes?
Carter said "some people don't look into the eyes, they stare at the ceiling or the floor. I'm not very good at looking into eyes but I tried all day. See me looking at your eyes mom."

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Max Gxl

OK, so there is a product out there called Max Gxl. It has glutathion in it. I don't understaand 100% of what is is so I coppied and pasted fromm Dr. Rhonda Spellmans website.What IS it? What does it DO? And, WHY should you care?
According to over 92,000 articles found in Pub Med, glutathione is the most potent and abundant antioxidant in the entire body.

Glutathione is a tripeptide produced in our liver that is made up of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. Glutathione exists in every single cell in our bodies (at least 10 trillion cells!)
Glutathione protects cells from damaging toxins and acts as a detoxifying agent. Foreign materials (free radicals, toxins, heavy metals…) bind to glutathione and are flushed away.
Our metabolism can’t function properly with excessive toxins and, therefore, we are dependent on healthy glutathione levels in order to live a normal life.
My son behaved like he had an entire army of ants in his pants and crawling up and down his arms. He was unable to stop moving for more than just a few seconds. He ‘played’ the piano with his fingers in the air or simply shrugged his shoulders – every few seconds. A rash around his mouth formed from the constant licking; a scab formed on his forehead from the frequent rubbing and his non-stop blinking was hard to witness without feeling pity. He didn’t sleep and he didn’t eat much. We received invitations for him to join the Special Olympics.

I thought a second opinion would help. The next doctor recommended anti-depressants for my son. At that time I probably needed them (not my son!) but I was not willing to submit to mind altering drugs and went to doctor number three.

This third doctor, a naturopath, did a ‘Bio-Scan’ on my son and determined that his major organs were all operating at less than 25% of their potential. His liver was operating at only 23%. To learn that your child is literally dying from the inside out is a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

She recommended a number of natural supplements to boost his immune system response. The monthly cost: $520.00. I almost fainted. I was selling copies of my children’s books just to purchase the $240.00 in monthly supplements he had been taking. It just wasn’t possible. We started with a few – $250.00 worth. “There is no guarantee, she said, but, “They should help.”

That night I went into research mode 1000. At approximately 1:00 a.m., I typed a number of related words into my browser. Autism, Suppressed Immune System, Low Uric Acid, Chronic Inflammation, Liver Deficiency… On the advanced search I required that ALL words would need to be included.

The site that came up at the top of the list was one for a Dr. Robert H. Keller. I had not heard of him. I read about his research and work that centered on those with low uric acid. This site: revealed information about a supplement that he created – a glutathione accelerator that improves immune systems and increases uric acid levels.

The product, MaxGxl glutathione accelerator, was all natural and, therefore, should have no side effects! It sounded too good to be true.

I was fascinated. I couldn’t stop reading. But, (to be honest) I was looking for the “catch.” How could this product do what no other had been able to do? But, the more I read the more I became convinced that this product was something I’d be crazy not to try. I was becoming one of Dr. Keller’s biggest fans as I read about his dedication to countless people with terminal health conditions. Story after story attested to his commitment. It was like reading stories about Mother Theresa.

YOU can read all about him yourself. You should. YOU can do the research – for days, weeks, months, years… if you want to. YOU could. I have tried everything, done everything and I finally threw away over $1,200 worth of products sitting in a box that sat in a box until July, 2010 – over a year and one half after Tanner began taking the MaxGxl glutathione accelerator.

I couldn’t – in good conscience – give it away because I knew none of the bottles made a significant or lasting difference. I couldn’t bear to throw that much money away either – until they were all expired that is!

I made a decision to give this MaxGxl glutathione accelerator a try but I was very hesitant. I decided that – IF it was going to work – it would have no assistance! I knew that ALL of the ingredients were safe and felt sure that they couldn’t hurt him… but, could they help him, I wondered?

I put all of my son’s supplements (17 bottles) in a box and planned to give him the MaxGxl glutathione accelerator over Christmas break. I gave my son his first single capsule on on December 17, 2008. He had been suffering from PANDAS since September, 2007. We were looking into special schools and receiving Special Olympics ® invitations because he was doing so poorly . . . .

Within one week we saw subtle improvements that included better eye contact.
Within two weeks his overall focus was better and my husband remarked that his responses were unprecedented.
At the end of three weeks I received a call from his school. His 100% modification was reduced to 50%!
Within seven weeks ALL of his PANDAS (the incurable disease) symptoms were completely GONE!
I increased his dosage slowly. Every two to three weeks I added one more capsule. We started with one every morning for two weeks. Next he had one in the morning and another at night. Next he took one three times a day for another two weeks. Soon he took two in the morning and then two at night.
It appeared that my son was returning from a long, long drought… he was eating well and gaining weight.
On September 16, 2009 (one day short of nine months) I went in for his first parent – teacher conference of 4th grade. I was told that my son No longer qualified for services.
MaxGxl glutathione accelerator was the only thing we did. He was sleeping through the night again and acting like the boy I knew and loved. I wanted it to last and prayed often for him.
In January, 2009 I began taking MaxGxl glutathione accelerator – on a trial basis to see if it might help my chronic insomnia (that began in my teens) – since my son was sleeping so well. I began sleeping through the night in less than a week! The bonus is that my chronic pain (from multiple broken bones and a serious head injury that left me in a coma for eight days in 1982) decreased dramatically as well!

After another month I was convinced that everyone I know would benefit from this all natural product so I signed up to become an associate! Receiving bonus checks just for helping others is a another real blessing!

If I could GIVE this to you I would and I’m working with a team to develop a fund where we will donate money to sponsor those who need MaxGxl glutathione accelerator the most but can’t afford it. I clearly understand the financial hardship that a serious illness has on a family! Until then, I am thrilled to know that almost everyone can afford MaxGxl glutathione accelerator at $69.00 a month + tax and shipping!

And – even more good news – anyone can become an associate and earn money for helping others – just like me! To learn more go to MaxGxl glutathione accelerator and watch the amazing videos. Next, email me with your questions and someone on my team will return your call promptly!